Paper accepted at MIDL 2023 (oral talk)

Generalizing Unsupervised Anomaly Detection: Towards Unbiased Pathology Screening” by Cosmin I. Bercea et al. has been accepted for publication at Medical Imaging with Deep Learning, Nashville, 2023. Cosmin Bercea will present his work on Monday, 10 July 2023 at 9:15 pm CEST.


Moving beyond hyperintensity thresholding: This paper analyzes the challenges and outlines opportunities for advancing the field of unsupervised anomaly detection. Our proposed method RA outperformed SOTA methods on T1w brain MRIs, detecting more global anomalies (AUROC increased from 73.1 to 89.4) and local pathologies (detection rate increased from 52.6% to 86.0%).

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Cosmin I. Bercea
Cosmin I. Bercea
PhD Student

My research interests include interpretable machine learning for anomaly detection.