Veronika Spieker is a PhD student at the Institute of Machine Learning for Biomedical Imaging (IML) at Helmholtz Munich and Technical University of Munich (TUM). After completing her B.Sc. in engineering at TU Darmstadt and Virginia Tech, she pursued her interest in the medical domain with a M.Sc. in Medical Technologies at TUM. For her PhD project, she works on Physics-Based AI for Motion Correction in Abdominal MRI in collaboration with the Body Magnetic Resonance Group at the Klinikum rechts der Isar. Her research interests include concepts such as neural implicit representations and it’s application to MR reconstruction and motion estimation.

  • MRI Reconstruction
  • Motion Detection & Correction
  • Neural Implicit Representations
  • MSc Medical Technologies and Asstistant Systems, 2021

    Technical University of Munich

  • MSc Mechanical Engineering, 2021

    Technical University of Munich

  • BSc Mechanical Engineering, 2017

    Technical University of Darmstadt / Virginia Tech

Student Projects & Theses
  • Reducing Labeling Efforts in Segmentation-based Registration in Medical Imaging

    Master's thesis | 1.11.2023 | Varsha Raveendran | finished |

  • Deep Learning For Medical Image Registration

    GRP | 1.11.2023 | Varsha Raveendran | finished |