Maxime Di Folco

Maxime Di Folco

Research Scientist

Helmholtz Center Munich

Maxime Di Folco is a PostDoctoral researcher at the Institute of Machine Learning for Biomedical Imaging at Helmholtz Center Munich. His research interest is the study of the cardiac function via machine learning methods, in particular representation learning methods, that aim to acquire low dimensional representation of high dimensional data, with a strong focus on cardiac remodelling (adaptation of the heart to its environment or a disease), notably the study of the deformation and shape aspects.

  • Representation learning
  • Cardiac imaging
  • PhD in Artificial Intelligence, 2021

    Université de Lyon, CREATIS Laboratory

  • MEng in Image Processing, 2018

    CPE Lyon

  • MSc in Image development and 3D technologies, 2018

    Université Lyon 1